Monday, July 14, 2003

Sunday was a beautiful picturesque day in Korea's capital. One of the those rare and greatly appreciated days when the sky is blue and the clouds are puffy and white. On waking up I could hardly wait to get out and enjoy the sun. But the first thing I had to do was send annoying chirpy text messages to my friends about what a great day it was.

I decided that it would be the perfect day to revisit Gyeongbuk Palace. I had heard that some further restoration work had taken place since my last visit some years ago. I went to investigate and was not disappointed. Alot of work had been done and it is really looking impressive.

I also go to see the changing of the guards ceremony being played out. But they need to drop the four language explanation and just put out some multi-lingual pamphlets explaining the steps as it takes all together way too long.

After wandering through the palace gardens for some time I made my way over to the Seoul Museum of History to check out the Napoleon and Josephine Exhibition. I was not overly pleased to find the whole thing in Korean (surely there is a ready English version that could shared the space) but I persevered and told myself to view it as a good chance to practice my Korean. In the end I found it very interesting and was even able to learn stuff about the couple that I hadn't known before by reading the Korean text. Hoorah! The only other downside was that after trapsing around Gyeonbuk Palace my poor footsies were not pleased with having to walk around the exhibition.

I had to cancel my plan to go for a late afternoon rollerblading session as my feet refused be party to such activity. Maybe next weekend.

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