Monday, August 04, 2008

World Tour - on the march again

Three weeks after returning from the Americas (US & Canada) leg of the 2008 world tour, I am off again. This time to Japan (the third trip to that country this year!). I'll be visiting Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo - first time for both Osaka and Sapporo My carbon footprint is now well and truly black. On the plus side I'm hoping that my frequent flyer points will be sufficient to allow for a shorter trip later this year.

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda has replaced 13 out of 17 ministers in a major cabinet re-vamp. Not that this is likely to do a great deal for his low popularity. More changes are afoot with Lower House elections due in the coming weeks. I don't usually comment on Japanese politics but I'm going guess that Fukuda hasn't got too long to go before he is replaced by an equally lack-lustre old dude who promises reform but does nada.

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