Monday, August 11, 2008

Good bye Japan

I wanted the heading to be 'sainaro (spelling) Japan' but I'm sooo tired and couldn't be asked to walk the three steps to my bag to find my phrase book for figure out the right spelling. The most interesting things is the differences and similarities between Japan and Korea. I'm still trying to work out if there is any rhyme or reason behind them (are they along economic, political lines or some other type of category). We had dinner tonight to celebrate the end of a successful trip and the dinner could easily have been in Korea. Everyone sitting on the floor, drinks aplenty, moving around and talking to each other, ridiculous amounts of food (no rice!). Actually the type of food was a bit different (Japanese versus Korean food) and although we enjoyed some drinks, it wasn't as crazy as Koreans sometimes gets. Although that could be a feature of the group I was with tonight and not something to generalize. 

Watching Japanese tv coverage of the Olympics is great. In every country they focus on their own sports people (rightly so) so it is great to view some sports I don't usually follow and to see what the Japanese are interested in. Right now we are following fencing. 

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