Wednesday, January 09, 2008

London Underground is Unacceptable

The London underground is a decrepit old system of tunnels. Occasionally some trains still run through it. As I noted earlier the tube system makes me nauseous every time I descend into any of the filthy stations. Sometimes the headache is caused by the poor air quality, other times its the excessive cost of the ticket that renders me physically ill. Mostly its a combination of both. This week, I thought I'd brave the cost and the tunnels by buying a weekly travel ticket (a gut-wrenching 30 pounds). Foolishly, I thought that this meant I could catch unlimited trains for a seven day period. This evening I left work around 6:45pm. When I arrived at King's Cross Station (note: KCS is no small station) it was "closed due to overcrowding". Police were blocking the entry. No-one could catch a train because the system couldn't handle a regular work day's going home crowd. I had to take the bus. In case you didn't catch that: the London underground system is unable to handle a regular day's traffic.

The worst part was when I arrived home in a state of outrage only to find the standard response by my house share was surprise - surprise this hasn't happened to me earlier. Apparently the subway's systems inability to handle normal day traffic is not such a rare thing.

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