Friday, December 14, 2007

Presidential Elections

Not long now until South Korea chooses its next President. From most accounts it looks like Lee Myung Bak will be the chosen one. He is a bit too conservative for my liking and his support of the death penalty is certainly not welcome. I met him one time which is a small claim to fame I intend to drop like a lace hanky at a summer picnic if he gets elected.

Other stuff
There has been lots of stuff going on which I feel bad that I haven't been blogging about. I would recommend visiting the Two Koreas (see sidebar) for latest updates on repression of migrant workers in Korea. The six-party talks and general US-DPRK (non)-relations continue to be covered in depth at One Free Korea (see sidebar). Although OFK remains far more negative than myself on that topic. As for me, the unsettled nature of work and life has left me reluctant to blog until 'I have more time'. I should know better than to believe that there will ever be 'more time'. In my defense I am working one full time and one part time job at the moment. I am currently spending day three on my sick bed but can feel myself getting better. I hate that every time I blog now, its just a post to explain why I'm not blogging.

Currently reading:

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