Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Comfort Women

The Marmot has a post on the European Parliament's resolution, calling on Japan to apologise for the military sexual slavery system.. This topic generated a fair bit of discussion at the Marmot's hole. But there were a few questions about how this resolution came about in the discussion. Either nobody knows the answer or didn't want to share. Certainly I didn't see it discussed after the question was posed. It seems a bit unrealistic to assume that the Parliamentarians decided to do this without any outside lobbying or influence. The focus on arguing that European countries should apologise for their own wrongs before pointing the finger at other countries, somehow failed to really push the debate to investigate why they did that. To help inform this point, this article from Japan provides some information. I'm not saying this article is entirely accurate because it is very biased.
Moves behind the scenes
However, Amnesty International, an international human rights organization, has organized hearings of former comfort women, including Dutch women, at various places, and is lobbying many governments to adopt resolutions on the issue. Anti-Japanese organizations with ties to China and South Korea are orchestrating such moves behind the scenes.
Another point that was lacking was that while most people know about the US House Resolution 121 and the recent Canadian motion 291, the Dutch also unanimously passed a resolution in November.

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