Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 in review

The top news to finish of the year is the untimely death of Benazir Bhutto and subsequent unrest in the country. Now her young son is stepping up, which seems a bit nepotistic on the surface. I would post on that but I don't really know any more than what I've been reading in the papers.

Big Hominid did his own year reminiscence and I will follow a similar format

As for my year, its been pretty good I think.

Job wise I think I have landed what is essentially my dream job. It doesn't pay the big bucks but there is room for advancement and the focus is heavily concentrated on my own personal areas of interest, notably Korea. Indeed, I should be making my first business trip to the Land of the Morning Calm early in 2008.

'Blogologically' speaking, 2007 continued the trend of fewer posts of which more are of questionable quality. There are reasons behind this (yes, one of the reasons is laziness) but as yet I haven't worked out a practical solution that will enable me to blog more regularly and do a better job of it. This doesn't mean I'm going to quit blogging. It just means that the trend may continue into 2008. Especially in the early part of 2008 during which time I have a few trips planned. I would imagine that blog traffic has been on a steady decline over the past few years at Kathreb with current numbers being me and a few friends who feel guilty if they don't visit occasionally. Fortunately, the motivation for this blog is not dependent on people reading it.

Health wise it has been a better year than last, which is saying very little. I have managed to not lose any more weight but have also not managed to gain any. I have signed up for a 12 month gym membership to try and beef up and increase my appetite. I've been instructed to avoid spinning class and other calorie burning sessions.

Related to the weight issue, I did a lot more shopping this year in order to discard my over-sized clothes for new, better-fitting clothes. I tend to be a bit tight fisted when it comes to spending, especially when things are overpriced. It should be noted that most women's clothing falls into the 'overpriced' category. However, I persevered and got a few nice items. In particular, I got a great pair of silver shoes:

Reading wise, I think this has been one of the worst years for reading for a long time. I had lots of things on my mind this year which prevented me from feeling relaxed enough to read. I also find that the London Tube gives me a headache due to the lack of air in those tunnels. This makes it very hard for me to read on the way to and from work, my main reading times. I now take the bus as much as possible and many of the things on my mind have been resolved so hopefully 2008 will prove better for reading. I am planning to read more Chinese literature in 2008.

Televisually and cinematically speaking (as Kevin notes), I watch WAY TOO MUCH TV in London. This is due to the dynamic of my house situation. I have a big TV and people to watch TV with in a social environment which makes it difficult to resist. I've seen more movies at the cinema in London as well, but I count that as a good thing. Except Beowulf, which I saw in 3-D and count as a freakish and somewhat disturbing movie (bearing no relation to the poem). Although the 3-D aspect was cool. This past week I saw Enchantment and The Golden Compass. Both enjoyable.

2008: looking ahead: apart from the Chinese literature resolution, I also resolve to go out and party more, to spend more money on clothes and going out, and to explore Europe (since I'm so close).

Currently reading:

"Hell" by Yasutaka Tsutsui