Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Home sweet home

The Taleban has agreed to release the remaining 19 South Korean hostages. Happy news for the families and general public and a huge relief, no doubt, to the South Korean negotiators and Administration. Especially given that South Korea's side of the bargain is to do what they were planning to do anyway, plus prohibit further escapades of South Korean Christian aid workers into hostile nations.

Book review

Crisis in North Korea: The failure of de-stalinization, 1956 by Andrei Lankov was much easier to read than I anticipated. I expected it to be interesting but somewhat dry. Kudos to Mr. Lankov for making an event we know very little about involving people we sometimes know even less about into something both readable and educational. Certainly much remains unknown about this event but the failure of de-stalinization in North Korea was clearly told and nicely placed into the wider picture of events in the Communist world at that time. I particularly liked that features of Communism in the 1950s and reference to events happening in other Communist nations at that time (Eastern Europe) were explained as a reference for how events/circumstances differed or were the same in North Korea.

Currently reading:

"Hell" by Yasutaka Tsutsui