Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ban lifted

I have finished reading the final Harry Potter book. Hooray! In the month since I posted last things have been quite busy. I got the job that I applied for. Hooray! I attended the Festival of History. The highlight of which, for me, was the World War I fly boys and the Jousting tournament. And last weekend I attended a wedding. Crappy Korean weddings aside, I love weddings. Nice clothes, everyone's in a good mood, champagne, good food (huge leg of lamb per person in this case - I love lamb, and a melty, moist piece of chocolate pudding with double cream), dancing - its all good times.

Korean news has been less pleasing of late with the unfortunate kidnapping in Afghanistan. I am informed (and it makes some sense) that because they are mostly women, they stand a slightly better chance of being released. This is partly evident by the fact that the two to have been killed so far were men. Of course, things are still very hairy at the moment and there are several ways things could pan out.

And then there is the upcoming summit meeting between a lame duck and sick man. I haven't given this much thought but it is not immediately evident to me as to why Kim would waste his time meeting with Roh - I can't really see it having much influence on the upcoming election, probably have little impact on aid. It might just be for whatever amount of cash Roh is having to fork out for the meeting.

Finally, with the lifing of the ban I took some time to visit a few Korean blogs and I would like to submit a request to The Marmot or more specifically, to Robert Koehler: This is something that has bothered me for qutie a while. I strongly urge you to put the name of the person posting at the top of the post and not at the bottom. There are some contributers I like and some I am less interested in. This means I have to scroll down for every post to check who wrote it before I decide to read it. This is very bothersome to me and I would guess that I am not the only one who selectively reads posts based on contributer.

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