Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Link - a blog focusing on migrant workers

A very useful comment was posted alerting me to a blog that is interested in migrant workers in Korea. I have added it to the side bar. - Two Koreas.

As some readers may know, South Korea has a poor record in its treatment of migrant workers. This became tragically evident when the Yeosu Immigration Detention Centre went up in flames killing about 9 detainees. This could easily have been avoided (or mitigated) had the right number of guards been on duty, had the fire and safety equipment worked and had the guards been more alert to their duties in ensuring the safe and timely evacuation on the detainees.

Possibly the worst part of this story is the government's attempts to blame the fire on a detainee (who persihed) rather than to use this tragedy as a catalyst for improving conditions in all immigration detention centers and perhaps rethinking their approach to detention of migrant workers ie: arbitrary detention and deportation of undocument migrant workers.

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