Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fatty Butter!?

Japan's Education Minister has likened human rights with fatty butter. Too much fatty butter will cause a metabolic disorder. One presume that he means that too much respect for the protection of the rights of inidivuals will make a nation sick. How full protection of human rights can cause national-level illness was not explained.

I'm not sure what is meant here by 'fatty' butter. Does he mean butter that is not 'fat reduced' or 'lite' or something like that? If he is referring to natural full milk, creamy butter as 'fatty' then I take even greater offense at his comments.

The comments are a disconcerting glance into the state of human rights education in Japan. Its also worrying that the Education Minister mentioned 'only' eating fatty butter. I don't think its good for the Education Minister to be so idiotic to think that anyone would only eat fatty butter. Or that using food and human rights in a analogy makes any sense.

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