Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The New Diet

I have started a new diet - a weight gaining diet. I have been dropping kilos slowly but steadily for nearly three years and a few months ago I dropped into the 'underweight' zone of the BMI. This prompted me to visit the doctor (bloodtests to be taken later this week) who has assigned me a simple schedule to increase the number and frequency of my meals. To do this I am now having to wake up earlier in order to get an extra feed in before work (otherwise known as breakfast). I am also now going to be having nightly 'supper' after dinner and before bed.

It should be noted that the weight loss was not by choice - it is more to do with having absolutely NO appetite (possibly prompted by stress - at least that is my theory). Even after eating supper last night and breakfast this morning I feel completely full and am grateful that lunch is several hours away. I got a feeling this diet isn't going to be easy.

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