Thursday, December 07, 2006

Diet Day Two

I am completely sick of food. I could barely manage a few pieces of pineapple for supper last night. The doctor mentioned sandwich for supper but the thought of that much food was too much. As yesterday the lunch portion will have to be reduced due to still feeling full after breakfast. Am hoping that this will get easier soon.

A friend recommended more exercise to build up an appetite - may attempt this during my vaction in Australia for Xmas where the weather is good and sunny and not icy like here.

Military Sexual Slavery in Japan

Sat down yesterday and read through a newsletter from Association working for the Comfort Women. I don't have it with me so I can't check the proper name or weblink. But it was quite interesting to read all the stuff going on. News to me was plans to build a War and Womens' Human Rights Museum (or similar name) in Seodaemun's Independence Park. Apparently its all approved but funding is wanting.

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"Hell" by Yasutaka Tsutsui