Sunday, November 26, 2006


I think it was Thanksgiving back in the US. I think this because a former student colleague flew over here for the 'long' weekend - I assume that means the Thanksgiving weekend. A small group of us went for some beers on Friday night. The group comprised two Americans and the conversation quickly got into US politics. It was a bit weird to be discussing US politics in London. Living in DC I stayed well-informed on the issue but less so over here. Saturday we went to Worthing to stay overnight at a friend's house - the main drawcard being that they have SKY and access to view the Ashes going on in Australia. We sat up to watch England batting (badly). We decided to give up and go to sleep after the second wicket fell before they had even got 100 on the board. Although I heard that English did pick up after that a bit.

And on the topic, I think it is a tragedy of justice that Murdoch can put the cricket on pay-per-view and exclude so many cricket fans from being able to watch the game. That kind of monopoly should be outlawed.

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