Saturday, July 22, 2006

North Korean Missles, the Iranian twist

The diplomatic bickering has hotted up since the UN Security Council condemned the North for tet firing several missiles. Hard-liners, loudest in the K-blogosphere being The Korea Liberator, advocate sanctions as a step in the right direction. The more jingoistic among them are even going so far as to call for pre-emptive strikes. This view is in stark contrast to those more in favour of a more pragmatic response; or indeed a business-as-usual response.

The latest news that I've come across is that Iranian officials were present to witness the missile test. I have to admit to being a bit skeptical about this information. It may be true, but why is it just coming out now; surely this was known before-hand. And were there officials from other countries or no? And if they were there, what does it mean? And it just seems oh-so convenient that US' two most hated countries are caught in such a situation. All I'm saying is that this information only leads to more questions.

I am willing to recognise that this information may have come out earlier and I just didn't notice.

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