Thursday, July 06, 2006

North Korea Tests Missiles

North Korea
has test fired some missiles and is vowing to keep doing so. I'm fairly certain that there is more being written on this topic than I care to ever read about so I have limited myself to just reading the ny times article (above) and Slate.

As someone who blogs predominantly about Korea some might think that I am being lax in my duty by not reading more. And those people would be right. But there is also the point that I don't believe that this round of tests is going to do anything other than create a bit of media hoo-ha and a bit of rhetoric from politicians. Then it will fade away from the new papers and becomes just one more item to list when journal articles recite all the belligerent and brinkmanship antics of North Korea - ho hum, here we go again.

Not because this isn't a threatening act but its been tried before. There is nothing to be done about it. North Korea is trying to get US and others to do its bidding but this is a complete waste of time because Japan, Korea, US, China etc can't achieve anything against North Korea, whether it be engagement or isolation, until they agree on an approach and tossing a couple of missiles into the ocean doesn't change that fact.

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