Sunday, June 04, 2006

English Civil War Re-enactment - Longford Hall

Last weekend I joined the English Civil War Society in
Newport, Shropshire. The event was held on the grounds of Longford Hall, which is now a part of a school. This was a major muster so there were plenty of groups from both the Parliamentarian and Royal sides. I was part of the Earl of Essex Regiment and they are easily spotted by their orange coats (as the photos will reveal).

It has been many years since I've been camping and my first time to camp in UK. Needless to say I spent most of the weekend in multiple layers of clothing grumbling about the cold. I was particularly annoyed by the British people who insisted on parading around in t-shirts and sandals. Fortunately the weekend featured plenty of beer and port to keep the spirit warm.

On the first day of the muster I joined in as a pikeman. The pike is a horribly heavy weapon, especially when you are a weak and scrawny like me. I spent the morning with my Ensign going through some basic commands and proper handling of the pike. In the afternoon I joined the regiment in the battle re-enactment. However, I was too sore and sorry for myself to repeat the effort the next day. I opted to take some pictures:

This is a cannon.

Musketeers from the Royalist army.

An intense battle between opposing pike blocks from the royalist and parliamentarian armies.

The musketeers from the Essex regiment leaves the battlefield

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