Saturday, June 03, 2006

Birthday Trip to Brighton

As mentioned earlier, for my recent birthday I made a trip down to Brighton. Unfortunately it was the most miserable day weather-wise that we had encountered in a long while. This meant that there was little point to take many photos. As you can see below I decided the day was so colourless that I took the two scenery pictures in black and white to better catch the mood.

This is a picture of the Pavilion, which is the awesome summer palace of the Prince Regent.

After visiting the Pavilion we stopped by the museum to see an exhibition of Rex Whistler works. This was way better than I had expected and well worth seeing.

And this is the Brighton Pier - the one that burned down. Looking all grey and miserable in the bleak weather. The other pier which is not burned down is full of rides and food stalls and has a large arcade for games. It was in the arcade that I decided to try that game where the claw tries to pick up a toy. I always figured these were rigged but I won on my first go; a big floppy-eared soft-toy rabbit.

For any Australian I think one of the key highlights of Brighton is going to be the pebble beach. I found it fascinating and if it hadn't been blowing a gale I would've spent more time just staring at it.

In all it was a pretty good way to spend a birthday and obviously the day finished at the pub with a few celebratory beers.

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