Friday, May 26, 2006

Lazy on the Blogging Front

I have been slack on the blogging front. It feels like I've been busy but can't quite figure out what it was that made me busy. The daily occurrences of life I expect. I went to Brighton last weekend for my birthday (happy b'day to me!) and the weekend before that I was the official minute taker for an Amnesty International meeting. Time gets away from you when the weekends are busy.

And this weekend I am going...wait for this...reenacting. That's right, dressed up for the British civil war (Parliamentarian) I am going to spend Friday to Monday camping - authentically - somewhere north of Birmingham. On Sunday and Monday we will reenact some civil war battle with some regiment of the King's army. I am armed with a camera and plan to document the event. That is if I don't die of cold.

In addition to that post I also have a couple of draft posts nearly ready so hopefully the next couple of weeks will see much more blogging that the last couple.

In sad news I read that the Flying Yangban is shutting down. He informs us that he will still be blogging via the Marmot but its not quite the same. I like and read the Marmot's site regularly but its has SO much stuff, it is easy to miss or just glance over posts on that site.

Currently reading:

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