Monday, May 01, 2006

Katie is a name for a little girl

Katie Holmes has reportedly changed her name to Kate Holmes. There are two rumors on how this happened. The first is that:
The star decided to change her name after talking to husband Tom Cruise extensively about it. The pair decided that Katie sounded too girlish for a 27-year-old and so concluded that Holmes would be known as Kate instead.
The second scenario is that:
Tom Cruise wants for his fianc?e's name to be changed. He wants her to be called Kate Holmes, instead of Katie, because after their child's birth she is now a woman.
The reason for the change, according to Mr. Cruise is that:
"Katie is a name for a little girl. Now her name is Kate, she is a grown-up woman with a daughter,"
The difference between these two scenarios is the debate of WHO broached the subject. But it doesn't really matter whose idea it was - the point is that it is a fucking stupid idea. I find it difficult to believe that any two people could talk "extensively" about a topic and arrive at such a ridiculous conclusion. Unless the use of some kind of mind-altering substance was used but not mentioned from scenario one. That would explain why the conversation was so drawn out and why the conclusion is completely off the planet. The only explanation for scenario two is that TC is a raving loon.

While I can't personally care about what Katie Holmes' name is I do care about why she changed it. Changing your name because someone thinks it sounds like a little girl's name should have been an insult; not a valid suggestion. The fact that she agrees with him is stunning. It is insane to suggest that someone's name in any way implies their level of maturity or ability to have/raise children. As someone who shares Ms Holmes' former name I am gob-smacked at the suggestion that anything so superficial as a name should condemn people to be stereotyped as 'girly' or not.

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