Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Pictures

I am informed that my pictures aren't showing. Fine. I may or may not find time to work on this over the weekend. In the meantime just pretend there is a picture of Big Ben and parliament in the banner.

US-Korea Free Trade Agreement

It is a big mystery to me as to why countries engage in negotiations with the US over supposed "free" trade. No country actually gets any economic good out of it as the US usually tramples all over the inevitably poorer country. I had the good fortune to tell an Australian Congressional liaison who was on Australia's negotiating team for the US-Australia (not so) free trade agreement what a terrible job I thought he and the Australian government had done on that one. He felt it appropriate to dismiss my comments as being spoken in ignorance. I felt is appropriate to dismiss his comments as being spoken in arrogance.

If you do wish to follow the events the current negotiations then it seems that Korea Economic Institute has set up a resource site devoted to this topic. At the outset it looks like the negotiations are going to be a rollercoaster ride. A bumpy,jolting, uncomfortable one. Especially if the US thinks it can bully Korea into a deal within one year - that kind of stuff could lead to protests if Roh is silly enough to sign off on a bad deal in short time rather than hang out for a better deal.

London Theatre

Since arriving in London I have made it to two plays. A couple of weeks ago we went to see Steptoe & Son a comedy based on the TV series. It started a bit dull but it picked up and ended very strongly.

And last night we saw the comedy, The Creeper. This story revolved around an eccentric old man who hired a seemingly shy and quiet guy to be his companion but who turned out to be more than just a little creepy. It was extremely well done and highly entertaining.

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