Sunday, March 26, 2006

A New PM for Korea

President Roh has nominated the former Minister-ess of Gender Equality Han Myeong Sook to become the next PM and the first female PM. Some may remember the debacle of the last female candidate and the debate over her obfuscated cv. This time, the opposition GNP is calling for her to renounce her party membership. It seems that she won't be doing this and is expected to win the nomination without too much hassle. I would've thought that the pre-requisite of the National Assembly to approve the PM candidate should be an inability and open dislike of the game of golf. Since the former PM and quite a few MPs have already clearly demonstrated an inability to tell the difference between appropriate times to enjoy a game as opposed to inappropriate times and the company they keep on the golf course. I don't know if Ms Han is a golfing gal or not but if I were her I'd campaign on a platform boasting no golf membership.

Every Little Bit Helps

Given the abundance of spare time I am currently enjoying I thought I would spend some of volunteering for a good cause. I only started last week on a part-time basis but am already glad with my decision to help out.

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