Sunday, February 26, 2006

New Country; New Look

With time on my hands I decided to spend it working out some features of my newly downloaded photoshop software. The new banner picture is obviously a photo of parliament and Big Ben and was taken by me last Friday. Other notable changes are a return to red for the colour theme of the blog and the departing of my Calvin and Hobbes comic. Calvin remains forever my hero and his absence from my blog in no way represents an absence from my mind. I've also changed the headings in the side bar to tweak the focus of the links more toward blogs rather than information sites - this will be updated as I find blogs that are linkable from these geographic groupings. The groups represent the areas I have lived in - Korea, UK, USA and Australia. These groups also broadly reflect the areas of interest to the blog with Korea taking precedence. And lastly, an attempt to reinstate comments; we'll see how it goes.

Korean Traditional Music

Last Friday night the SOAS in London held a concert of Gayagum guru Hwang Byung Ki. Most of the pieces performed were his own composition and went well beyond the traditional sounds you expect from a gayagum and from the court music style. Quick strumming and deep chords showed that this instrument has a wide range and creates some fantastic sounds.

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