Wednesday, October 12, 2005

An Uneven Match: Corporation V Unemployed Guy

The Howard Government is now trying impose unfair legislature concerning industrial relations. The proposal aims to centralise industrial relations matters away from states and put workers at a huge disadvantage by having them bargain individually for their work contract. Among things up for negotiation apparently are public holidays including Christmas and ANZAC Day and meals! The absurdity and meanness of even suggesting that some high-school educated person with the same qualifications as countless others has anything remotely resembling a bargaining chip against a company in such negotiations in distressing. Not to mention the insult that the Prime Minister of Australia is suggesting that our nations memorial day to those who and fight and died for our country could be better spent working with no overtime in some crappy video store, production plant or labouring job!

The Senate is hoping to get an inquiry into the matter started but this will apparently require one of the Senators from the government to support it. Hopefully this can happen since IR has traditionally been a highly sensitive political issue and in this case, the Labour Party is getting record support. This issue, at the very least requires more in-depth scrutiny and surely there is one among the Liberal Party fray who can see that responsibility to constituents should be more important than being loyal to a by pushing through an unpopular bill.

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