Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pictures from the Coldplay Concert

This is a picture from our seats. We were row H behind the mosh pit and behind us was the hill where people just sat or danced on the grass.

This is a typical shot of the concert wherein they had a huge screen behind them to better illuminate their own silhouette. It showed a variety of scenes and graphics including close ups of the band.

War Games

The movie I opted to see at the Amnesty International Film Festival that was held in DC recently was "War Games". It was a one hour documentary about the 2003 Twic Olympics held in South Sudan region as a means of bringing understanding and peace to the region. We were told that the Olympics were held in 2002, 2003, not in 2004 but they are hoping to stage them again in 2005. Following the movie there was a Q&A discussion led by some lady from Foreign Policy in Focus.

And lastly, today was the Colombus Day long weekend and was spent practicing tennis, which my friend and I have recently attempted to take up and shopping for a winter dooner, or "comforter" as folks in the US appear to call them. Although there was very little that was comforting about the prices which ranged from 'expensive' to 'absurd'. I bought an expensive comforter.

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