Friday, October 14, 2005

Gangsters and Thugs*

Looks like the Irish of Asia is a more apt description of North Korea than South Korea these days. Seems that certain shady political elements from Ireland and North Korea have joined forces to engage in the lucrative business of counterfeiting. Manufacturers in the DPRK and distribution channels in Ireland and UK. Although something struck me as a little odd:
"highy deceptive notes - which began to appear in worldwide circulation in or about 1989 - were manufactured in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea [North Korea] and under auspices of the government and transported worldwide by North Korean individuals acting as ostensible government officials".

1989!!! Um, why is this charge coming over 15 years after the bills were allegedly first circulated? It is possible that it has taken this long to get the evidence needed? In favour of this notion is the point that the indictment cites efforts made in 1997 and 2000 to get more fake bills on the part of the dodgy Irishman. This might indicate that this is a long-term and on going investigation. But still, 1989!

Maybe, this is just a convenient time in terms of the dynamics in the relations between certain nations and what they are trying to achieve vis-a-vis each other. Also likely is that the so-called "formal accustation" made by the US is a standard measure taken addressing a variety of North Korean failings at various times and something that will be little heeded.

* Gangsters and Thugs being the title of a song by The Transplants with the following lyrics:
Gangsters and thugs, gangsters and thugs,
some of my friends sell records,
some of my friends sell drugs

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