Sunday, August 07, 2005


After a record-setting 13 days of "negotiations" the party of six have decided they need a break to recover. And deservedly so. Afterall, it took them 13 days to do what the other rounds achieved in only 2-3 days - arrive at a stalemate. Although, the phrase "light-water reactor plant" has resurfaced in the latest articles on the negotiations. Its like one of those bad movie sequels where the second movie is too much like the first movie. The recess is coming at a time when all sides should be reflecting on what nuclear weapons are capable of.

Also, in recess time, keep an eye out for new US Ambassador to the UN - Mr. J. Bolton. Though I dislike his opinions and methods, I do agree with a Wapo editorital (which I can't immediately locate on-line) that noted that delaying tactics by Democrats in the Senate to prevent a vote that would have seen him confirmed was really just lining themselves up for this. Blocking a democratic vote because you know you are going to lose is not the answer.

And fomer Foreign Secretary of UK, Robin Cook has died way too young. Only 59!

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