Friday, July 01, 2005

Work Stuff

Through my work I had the good fortune to join in a trip to Lao PDR and Turkey. Both trips involved attending a workshop or symposium on public finance and my Unit has posted the materials from these trips on our public website for easy access. I have pics as well but have not had time to organise them into a coherent presentation worthy of public display.

Other Stuff
To update the trial period which is due to end on July 12, everything came to a crashing end in terms of thinking about the blog when I was informed that my close friend had passed away a few weeks ago. I am taking a couple weeks off work after today to deal with this. As for the blog, I have decided that it is going to stay and I'll work on some format/topic matters during my time off. The blog is more than just discussing Korea, it is a channel to update friends, to speak on issues I consider to be important/interesting, and to think through matters and sometimes get feedback on my ideas. The regularity of my writing and scope of readership must be secondary concerns to what this space is about.

Currently reading:

"Hell" by Yasutaka Tsutsui