Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wolfowitz on G8

President Paul Wolfowitz and some senior Vice Presidents in the Bank held a forum today to discuss the G8 Summit in Gleneagles. Wolfowitz has released a statement. The forum was a bit like a talk show setting with Wolfowitz grabbing the mike and wandering over to those who wanted to add comments or ask questions. The questions were the usual, "how will debt relief help the poor man on the street?"; "how effective will debt relief from G8 be without similar relief from other donors?"; "how is the Bank planning to make sure we take advantage of the developments in G8 to boost our efforts to get real results in poverty reduction and economic growth in practice?"; "What about gender equality?" get the idea. All good questions and a lot of challenges and hard work ahead for the Bank.

Belated Weekend Roundup

Friday night the Kaiser Chiefs played at The 9:30 Club. There was some drinking and dancing before, during and after the concert and a good time had by all. Until I got in a thunder storm at two a.m. on the way home. At least I got to work off some of the beer calories by having to make a mad slightly staggering dash from metro to home.

On Saturday I got up early (for a Saturday) and headed off with some friends to Sugarloaf Mountain. Wandering in the cool of the trees was a welcome break from the stifling heat of DC

And Sunday I made a trip to The Kennedy Center for the Six p.m. free concert of young musicians. They were amazing.

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