Monday, July 18, 2005

Sigthseeing in Washington DC

On Saturday I visited The Holocaust Memorial. This was a great museum except that they did not properly define the word "holocaust" and used the word "genocide" as if it meant "extermination", which it does not. Perhaps I was sensitive to the term due to the book I was reading but I agree with Ms. Powers that by setting the standard of genocide as equivalent to what happened to the Jews it becomes almost impossible to convince people to intervene before such a horrific level is realised.

The Washington Monument

And on Sunday, I made my way over to Arlington Cemetery. It was so stinking sweaty and humid I thought I was going to melt away but fortunately I survived. The most striking thing about this place, apart from being so quiet and picteresque in an eerie kinda way, is how large it is. This became more clear to me when I got lost and later realised I had only been wandering aimlessly through a very small section of the grounds.

Arlington Cemetery

And so concludes my vacation. Tomorrow I'm back at work.

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