Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Optimism Outdoes Reality in Lead Up to Six-Party Talks

The Wapo has an article this am entitled, "South Korea Offers to Supply Energy if North Gives up Arms". What follows is a list of concessions, including all the electricity it needs, which the South is willing to give the North and which the North are not likely to accept. The gift list was praised by Condi Rice as a "very creative idea". Although what exactly is 'creative' about South Korea willing to give any bribe necessary to the North, escapes me.

It also appears that receiving handouts from the South (and not US) would hardly result in the 'respect and sincerity' demand of North Korea being met. As the article duly notes, accepting these bribes and becoming wholly dependent on South Korean electricity would turn the "country into a vassal of its neighbour." The fact that North Korea has not even dignified the offer with a response indicates they may not be keen on the idea. With the six-party talks due to resume in late July I predict that, despite Condi's upbeat but rather empty comments, nothing will come of them, as before. Bribes coming from South Korea and not the US won't be acceptable and by now, the issue is beyond pretending that their real concern is only of energy supply.

Thanks to Flying Yangban for the information on the NK Conference to be held here in DC. I registered and am looking forward to it.

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