Thursday, July 14, 2005

Korea: Asia Hub or Asia Dud?

It was reported today that FedEx has agreed to set up its Asia Hub in - no not the Asian Transport Hub otherwise known as Korea - but in China. Although the reports only tell the fact that FedEx has selected China, it would seem that Korea should not have let such a huge account slip by.

Afterall, Korea is decades ahead in technology, skills, and infrastructure and is well-placed to serve China, Japan, Korea and where ever else in Asia. They have invested a fortune in various ports, least of which is Incheon Airport and the logistics arm of that massive plan. Its laws are more advanced and its stated ambition is to become the transport hub of Asia. Something is surely wrong in Korea's approach to achieving this ambition if they can't entice and win a contract to get FedEx to set up headquarters in Korea when they were clearly looking to move.

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