Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Seize the Moment

At least this is what Mr. Oberdorfer and Mr. Gregg are advocating the Bush Administration do regarding the North Koreans. In their latest Wapo editorial which I only skimmed over. Since the North Koreans recently re-stated their willingness to return to talks and some delegation has gone to South Korea to discuss issues as well, the two authors view that the US Administration should jump in as well and get the okay from their Asian allies and set about preparing for talks between Condi Rice and Kim Jong-Il.

But here's the bite, what the North are saying is a re-statement of what they have said before and, like before, it is most likely just empty words. This whole call for "respect" is ridiculous because nobody is laughing at the North for having nukes. I believe that US has a lot of "respect" for the threat that North Korea poses but obviously US doesn't like North Korea and has no respect for a leader who abuses human rights and disregards the needs of his country's people. And asking for "respect" is a waste of time because I seriously doubt there is anything US can do that would convince the paranoid North Koreans that they have anyone's respect.

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