Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Brown Bag: Building Confidence in the Public Sector: The Importance of Ethics in Everyday Actions

Former mayor of Santa Clara, Judy Nadler came to the WB this week to give a talk on the importance of Ethics in the public sector. She gave a fascinating talk about how, as mayor of Santa Clara, she helped to develop and implement ethics at all levels and the kind of challenges that arise in doing so. She also gave some interesting stories about the ethical woes faced in San Jose when building the new hi-tech IT system at the new City Hall. There was some unfair bidding and inappropriate consultancy that led to a scandal apparently.

Judy Nadler is now a Senior Fellow in Government Ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University and she provided some handy web addresses to meet all your ethics in government needs. As follows: Council on Governmental Ethics, Center for Governmental Studies, Institute for Local Self Government, Institute for Global Ethics, Center for Ethics in Government,, International City Management Association, and California Fair Political Practices commission.

And on the topic of ethics, I think it is neither professional nor appropriate for a company to use my comments section to put in a link to their stupid website. What the hell is is wrong with people who think its okay to do that!?

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