Friday, April 01, 2005

Korea Opposed to Japan Joining UN Security Council

Not surprisingly, among the suggested reforms being touted by Kofi Annan at the UN the recommendation that Japan become a permanent member of the Security Council was not received with a smile by the South Koreans. With China also opposed to this idea the early prediction is that this won't happen. It will possibly be rejected by a few others who also still feel that Japan's apologies for past regressions tend to sound more like a kid who isn't really sorry and who can't understand why everyone keeps making a fuss.

I don't necessarily think that the reason for opposing countries like Germany and Japan should be based on who the aggressors were in WWII. And I do think the current make-up of the Security Council is pretty outdated. But the problem is that there was an opportunity at the end of WWII for the victors to arbitrarily make decisions that suited them which lead the current membership mix. Trying to push through reforms on a similar scale without the "advantage" of ignoring the majority of the world is pretty much going to be impossible.

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