Thursday, March 03, 2005

Be Mature or Else I Won't Talk to You - So there!

On February 10th it was reported that the North Koreans had came out blazing saying that they not only possessed nuclear weapons but they were also suspending for an "indefinite period" the six-party talks. And then on February 21st headlines informed us that the North were now saying that they will return to the talks if conditions are "mature." And since nobody had any idea what the hell that meant responses generally came via a reiteration of a desire to persevere with the thus far result-less talks.

The latest (and best so far) came in today’s papers, which informed us that North Korea "called on the US to "rebuild the groundwork" for multilateral talks on its nuclear weapons programmes by apologising for labelling it an "outpost of tyranny". This comes on the heels of their famous statement that they "will go to the talks any time if the US takes a trustworthy sincere attitude and moves to provide conditions and justification for the resumption of the six-party talks".

So we may conclude that after claiming to have nukes, unilaterally suspending talks, threatening to scupper their missile moratorium (among their regular antics of threatening a 'sea of fire' and more) it is the US by comparison who lacks sincerity, trustworthiness and maturity. The absurdity of this situation is staggering.

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