Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Seoul's Splendidly Stupid Spending Scheme

Lostnomad has a blog on Seoul's plans to build a stupid number of cultural facilities around town.

Lost Nomad notes that he doesn't frequent the art scene of Seoul to start with and so if unaffected by this. As for me, I attended as many exhibitions, opera, museums, traditional shows, etc as I could afford in both time and money while I was in Seoul. And one clearly thing stands out to me - this is a ridiculous scheme that will not encourage would be sex tourists to become high brow art lovers. Nor will it lead to increased revenue for the sole reason that Seoul can't even fill its current cultural centres with patrons.

Seoul hardly needs more cultural places since it already has HEAPS of venues and events on every night of the week! My "Korea Sites" blogroll, which includes the main cultural venues in Seoul that I liked to visit represent only a fraction of what is out there and most of the cultural events I went to were cheap and never sold out. In typical poor reporting the article fails to find out what opponents to the plan are saying or to get some real estimates on how making a duplicate of every cultural center they already have is going to help the city.

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