Thursday, February 10, 2005

Same Old Story on North's Nukes

North Korea has again come out and stated that they have nukes and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Why this continues to be viewed as news is a little confusing. More confusing is how people such as Chung Dong Young of the Unification Ministry can keep a straight face when saying:
"Our stance is that North Korean nuclear weapons must not be tolerated under any circumstances."
Afterall, they have been tolerated now for several years because, for all the hot air that gets blown around in the six-party talks, there seems to be no consensus on what to do other than to tolerate them. Condi Rice also showed how she can keep a serious tone with laughable words in this comment:
"But if in fact that this is the case, then the North Koreans are only deepening their isolation because everyone in the international community, and most especially North Korea's neighbours, have been very clear that there needs to be no nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula in order to maintain stability in that region."
Its difficult to imagine how North Korea could possibly "deepen their isolation" anymore that they already have.

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