Wednesday, February 02, 2005

North Korea Sold Uranium Hexafluoride (whatever that is)

The Washington Post is reporting that North Korea apparently sold UH to Libya which can be used in development of weapons grade material. Wapo notes:
Two senior officials on the National Security Council, Michael J. Green and William Tobey, told key officials in Asia about the alarming intelligence, a U.S. official said last night. He said the "sole reason" for the trip -- officially billed as consultations about possible talks with North Korea about its nuclear program -- was to brief Japan, South Korea and China about the information.
Actually, I think the only surprising thing about this is that people are surprised. If North Korea sells the material they get money and develop/sustain good relations with fellow rogue states. And for not selling the weapons they get nothing cause the reasons for nations to sanction, ignore, offer carrots/sticks to North Korea are not directly related to this issue, ie., the sanctions and troubled relations would continue even in th absence of this development.

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