Thursday, December 09, 2004

North Korea Tries to Diddle Japan

The recent finding that North Korea sent Japan the remains of someone other than the Japanese abductee is one of those occasions that highlights just how unpredictable North Korea is. Firstly, no-one in the North Korean regime could possibly have been stupid enough to think they could get away with this stunt. Following that premise we have to try and fathom what they thought Japan would do once they discovered their chicanery.

It would seem pretty obvious that the reaction would be negative, possibly to the point of inducing Japan to follow through with their threat of imposing sanctions. This would likely bring Japan and US in closer alignment and exacerbate tension. Moreover, it wouldn't serve to foster any sympathy from China or South Korea. It seems almost as if North Korea would have been better served by remaining belligerent and resisted requests to send remains rather than insult the Japanese by sending bogus dead body parts. Their actions here just don't seem to make much sense. (Or I'm missing a bigger picture.)

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