Friday, August 27, 2004

Gold for Australia in the Men's Hockey!

Kudos to the Aussie men's hockey team scoring their first Olympic gold! As a lifelong hockey player myself, I am always especially excited to see us do well in this sport. The women, who usually do better than their counterparts at the Olympics, however, did not fare as well this year. They came fifth.

Australian Politics
PM John Howard is coming under attack for both his handling on Australia's involvement in the Iraq War and for dubious handling of the children overboard scandal, which facilitated his latest electoral victory. By now the scandal and lies of the overboard incident seem to be well known, I think its time to move on. There are plenty of other reasons to dislike Johnny. For example, he and others within the Liberal Party's MPs have hired his son to send spam to their electorates. It amazes me that any politician thinks their own image is going to improve by sending people unsolicited trash to their email accounts.

Korean Smokers
The Constitutional Court has upheld the ruling that the smoking ban for public buildings IS constitutional. This ruling comes after some Korean twat protested the ruling with lame-arse arguments such as:
cigarettes can be a good stress-reliever for smokers, and smoking is a matter of choice for individuals. He also claimed cigarettes play a positive role in the local economy, saying more than 30 percent of local authorities? budget originates in taxes imposed on cigarettes.
Now these points about stress and helping the local economy may well be true. But the twat does not provide any logical basis for arguing that the smoking should occur INSIDE public buildings at the expense of other people's health. If you want to smoke to relieve stress or to do your bit for the economy, then do it outside.

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