Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Day Two - Student Rally and Documentary Screening

The student rally held in White Plaza featured some speakers reading testimonies from prisoners and some facts andd information on human rights abuses in North Korea. We also had a girl called Jackie singing. Wow! She had the kind of voice that made people stop and listen.

At the table, where I was, we had a steady stream of people asking us what was going on, signing petitions and letters to senators and congress regarding the North Korea Freedom Act. And we got the hand print display going so people could put a hand print in paint and sign their name and make a comment as a sign of support.

I took my (old but faithful) camera to White Plaza to take some action shots of the team at work and hope to finish the film during the week so I can put up some photos. We also had Joongang Ilbo taking some action shots at White Plaza today so keep an eye out for us in the Joongang!

And for the evening's event we had a screening of Children of the Secret State. That was my second time to see that documentary and I think its quite powerful to show the human rights tragedy in DPRK and what that regime is really about.

Tomorrow is VERY exciting as we have speaker's panel which is the event I was in charge of organising. We have Professor Larry Diamond, Deborah Liang-Fenton, and David Hawk all ready to talk on human rights and answer the tough questions regarding the complexities of the matter.

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