Monday, May 17, 2004

Bay to Breakers 2004

Today in San Francisco was the Bay to Breakers 7 mile run. I was part of the Stanford Escondido Village Team which meant that at the race we were right up the front just behind the seeded runners which was pretty sweet. It also meant that we had to get up at four am this morning to get there in time.

This was a huge amont of fun and I ran and walked and took photos along the way. There were lots of interesting sights. I saw two naked (fit)men who ran past me. There was a sign that announced free beer for any women willing to flash her boobs. (NO! I did not do that), a Wonder Women centipede group, the salmons running agaisnt the tide, people dressed up as members from Kiss and Elvis was dancing on a balcony of a house along the path. A lot of houses along the path had parties going on with music blaring and cheering the crowd which was not only hugely encouraging but great to see. Everyone was having a good time.

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