Monday, April 05, 2004

North Korea's Nuclear Crisis Conference

Last Friday the Center for the Pacific Rim at the University of San Francisco held a conference on North Korea's Nuclear Crisis. Speakers included such prominent figures such as Victor Cha of Georgetown University, David Kang, Rosemary Foot, Patrick Lloyd Hatcher, Peter Hayes of Nautilus fame, Bruce Cumings, Kongdan Oh, T.J. Pempel, Scott Snyder, etc. In sum, a very impressive line up of the top Korea specialists.

The Pacific Rim center put on a good show which was well organised and provided a schedule that was highly informative and gave ample time for Q&A. Although, of course North Korea's nuclear crisis was not solved during the conference we did get to hear some interesting perspectives on the inter-play of North Korea's economic reform and its politics, US, China and Japanese relations, South Korea's perspective, and other factors which all have implications for what US and other countries can do to try and resolve the matter of North Korea's nuclear development.

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