Thursday, March 04, 2004

Visiting Authors

We had Don Oberdorfer, author of The Two Koreas give a talk last week. Actually he gave two talks, one on journalism and one on Korea. I attended the one of Korea. He gave a lot of information that you can find in his book but he also gave some opinions of the current nuclear issue and in particular, the six-party talks. He was not overly optimistic abou how they will turn out but had adopted a wait and see policy.

The other author to visit last week was Helie Lee author of Still Life with Rice and In the absence of Sun. I first heard of her while reading the transcript of a US senate hearing on the plight of North Korean refugees. She told mostly about some of her experiences growing up as an Asian-American, very apt since the audience was the Korean-American Students Association. She also talked a little about her plight to get her relatives out of North Korea but of course she couldn't reveal the whole story or else we wouldn't be suckered into buying the book.

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