Thursday, April 01, 2004

Like a Speeding Bullet Train

Korea's much anticipated Bullet Train has pulled into the station. Cool!! - only six years late which is about standard for Korea's railway systems. The Seoul subway line number six was about five or six or more years behind schedule. And given the often rough-shod approach Koreans take to doing things its actually comforting to know it was behind schedule - hopefully it means they did a better job.

On a side to that, I found this little article aboutwhether or not US military can get a free ride on the shiny new trains or not. As the article notes, that could be a sensitive issue in these days of anti-american sentiment. Maybe they could ride in the caboose.

Korea and China - Business Week has an article on Korea's deveoping ties with China. Its a very interesting article discussing how Korea is reaping many benefits from making close ties with China and outsourcing labour and production. However, it warns of China's rapid pace of development and its ability to catch-up and overtake Korea in many areas where Korea currently enjoys a competitive advantage.

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