Thursday, November 13, 2003

Washington action toward North Korea

The FCNL is an organisation that lobbies in Washington on various issues including North Korea. I;m not saying I agree or disagree with the stuff on the site but I thought it had some interesting sources. We got to hear about their activities a little on Korea Peace Day (Nov 6th) from Karin Lee who gave a talk for the event.

She also mentioned this testimony by Michael Horowitz which is an interesting read.

And of course Free North Korea is always a good site and also links to the worthwhile report on The Hidden Gulag.

There is also discussion coming out about the North Korea Freedom Act. Mostly I get the understanding that this is being supported and lobbied by religious groups. It hasn't as yet (as far as I know) come out formally and so there is no official debate, notably from South Korea on this matter yet.

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