Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Studying in America

The Institute of International Education has issued a report on the demographics of international students in USA which the Joongang Ilbo has addressed (in Korean). Which according to my dodgey Korean, says somehting like:
Chinese, Indian, and Korean students make up the top three for students studying abroad in America.
. It also goes on to say that there are about 586,323 foreign students studying in America of which 55,519 are Korea, representing about 9%. Also by continent, Asians are the greatest source of international students making up around 51%, Europe 13%, Central and South America 12%, Africa 7% and the Middle East 6%. The most popular subject chosen by students studying abroad is Busness Administration at 20% followed by engineering at 17%. Of course, all that is according to my dodgey translating and its late at night so, if possible, read the article.

This is hardly surprising stuff though. The fervor with which Koreans work to get into US universities is pretty amazing. The Korean Government also issues scholarships competitively to send a certain number of public servants each year to study abroad - the majority going to US to do business admin, public policy, or economics. I used to think there was little need to study abroad in US but after living in Korea and talking to so many people who had spent time here to study I changed my mind to the extent that I decided to do the whole study-in-US thing myself. I think value of studying abroad cannot be overestimated.

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