Thursday, October 23, 2003

"That's the Australian Parliament for you"

Bush's speech in the Aussie Parliament was met with hecklers from the anti-war Labour and Green Parties. Bob Brown, leader of the Greens calling out "We are not a Sheriff" at one point reportedly getting a welcome laugh. Of course, heckling a characteristic of the Aussie Parliament but its good to see that we do it even to visitors. You can't beat a good flying insult session.

The Aussie news gives some coverage about that issue and Hu Jintao's upcoming speech for Parliament which also expected to see some vocal opposition, especially over the matter of possible free trade deal with China. The potential free trade deals with both US and China are becoming quite controversial over there.

Although the survery over at Aussie's ninemsn has a large following in support of the free trade pacts.

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