Friday, September 26, 2003

New Political Circumstances

Wow! I stop paying attention for a couple of measly weeks and what happens? The ruling party factions finally stop their in-fighting and break up the party. Enter the new People's Participatory and Unity Party. Although from first glance it seems the party has neither people participation (support) or unity as evidenced by Roh's crushing defeat is appointing a new BAI chief.

The Financial Times also takes a look at the issue in terms of Roh's ability to rule with such weak backing from the National Assembly, his party (and former MDP members) and from the people. He now has less than 30% support.

The FT also cites (my former professor from my old school) Juang Hoon, professor of politics at Chung Ang University
"The past week has demonstrated the weakness of Korea's fragmented party system and the president's lack of power in parliament,".
It will be interesting to note the next nomination process. The recent history of the Prime Minister appointment of lame duck president Kim Dae-Jung toward the end of his rule comes to mind in this cirucumstance.

Also, I read that Australia and Korea have agreed to set up an anti-dumping committee. Probably won't hear anymore about that but if anyone hears how this goes I would be interested to know its progress.

Entertainment News
And in some sad entertainment news I read that Robert Palmer has died of a heart attack at age 54 - way too young.

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